United for Our Heritage

The purpose of the John B. Gordon Memorial Camp is to associate in one united, compact body of men of Confederate ancestry, and to cultivate, perpetuate and sanctify the ties of fraternity and friendship entailed thereby; to aid and encourage the history and achievement from Jamestown to this present era, constantly endeavoring to see that the events of The War for Southern Independence and the heroic contributions of the Confederate Soldier are authentically and clearly written; to aid and assist in the erection of suitable and enduring monuments and memorials to all Southern Valour, civil and military, and to instill into our descendants a devotion to and reverence for the principles represented by the Confederate States of America.

We are an active part of our community and seek to educate our neighbors of all ages and backgrounds about our honourable Southern heritage. We invite all men, ages 12 and up, to join us in our patriotic stand for our history and culture.

Click here for videos and audio lectures related to the War for Southern Independence.




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